Commission 6% of purchase price Seller
Inspection fee$400-$600 Buyer


$500-1000 Buyer
Credit report$30 Buyer
Wire transfer fee$25 Buyer
Lender fees$1000-$2000 Buyer
Document prep fee$125 Buyer
Flood Certificate$15 Buyer
Interest per dayLoan amount X Rate / 365 days Buyer
Escrow feebased on sale price (50% paid by each) Buyer & Seller
Title Insurance

1.4% of loan (B)

2.4% of sale price (S)

 Buyer & Seller
Recording fees$225 Buyer
Excise tax1.78% of sale price Seller
Property Tax proration6 mo tax bill / 183 X days remaining Buyer & Seller
Final utility bills$500-1000 Seller
Existing Mortgage payoffAs applicableSeller
Homeowners’ insurance premium1 year premiumBuyer
Homeowners’ insurance  to escrow account2 months premiumBuyer
Property tax to escrow account2 months taxesBuyer