32511 SR 706, Ashford, WA, 98304
32511 SR 706, Ashford, WA, 98304


32511 SR 706, Ashford, WA, 98304

Listing Agent: Mark P. Welsh
Courtesy of: Better Properties N. Proctor

Mortgage calculator

Are you wondering what the monthly mortgage payment might be for a particular home? Here's a calculator that can give you a quick estimate.  Keep in mind that you will also need to include property taxes and homeowner's insurance in your monthly payment. We can refer you to lenders for more precise information.

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Would you like more information about selling or buying a home? We're here to help - and look forward to talking with you. We can meet up by phone, in person, or by video-chat.  Let us know what works best, and we'll follow up with you.  James & Linda

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