Do you have a family member, friend or neighbor considering moving to a smaller home, a condominium, or a senior housing option?

We are dedicated to helping local families considering down-sizing. We understand the prospect may be daunting, and it is our goal to reduce stress and simplify the process. We have developed a simple, printed guide which introduces some basic elements of downsizing, and highlights important things to consider during each step. 

We begin by meeting with clients and their families if appropriate, to develop an individual plan. We have resources to help with all steps of the process, and coordinate to make sure that all aspects and players work together.

Step #1 Identify the new home

It’s important to know where you want to move, in order to plan and understand the extent to which you want to streamline your belongings. Do you want to move to a smaller home? A condominium? Or are you thinking of a senior housing option? Do you want to live where activities and services are optional, or do you need support services now or in the near future? Do you want to live nearby, or move to another community or state to be closer to family? We can provide you with information about these options, to help with your decision.

Step #2 sort, pack, donate, discard

Once you’ve identified your new home, it’s time to decide which furnishings you will take with you. Less is best, experience has taught us. Sorting through a lifetime of belongings can take time, but there are resources available to help. Sorting, packing and donating services are available, or we can work with you and other family members to accomplish this. An estate or moving sale may be an option to consider, for disposing of unnecessary items once you’re done sorting. For a portion of the proceeds, a skilled estate sale team will sort, sell, donate or dispose of all remaining furnishings and household items, leaving the house empty and ready for sale.

Step #3 prepare and market the house

What, if anything, needs to be done to prepare your house for sale? This is not the time for expensive upgrades or remodeling. However, there may be repairs or maintenance items which will increase the marketability, reduce market time, and help you get the best price and sale conditions. We provide a consultation with our seller clients to identify those recommended items. Once these are completed and the house is ready for market, we provide full-service seller representation during the listing, marketing, negotiation and closing of your transaction. We also help identify the resources needed and a schedule to complete Step #4.

Step #4 moving day

The big day finally arrives, as do the movers and the moving van. You’ll be off to your new home and settling in to your new life. We can help arrange for cleaning services so your house can be left spotless, and will arrange for transfer of keys to the new owners.


Email us at if you would like one or more printed copies of our guide. We gladly provide them so you can share the information with friends, neighbors or family members who are considering down-sizing. 

Both James and Linda have participated in additional training to earn the national designation of Senior Real Estate Specialist.

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